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Obesity Health Risks

Most Harmful Obesity Health Risks

Decades of research and medical know-how have established how much obesity is detrimental to health. The annual cost is in the tens of billions in the US for all the associated problems linked to obesity. You can also include the multi-billion dollar annually expended for diet related products. The US is slowly gaining more overweight […]

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arthritis early signs

Arthritis Early Signs – Take Actions Quick!

Arthritis doesn’t just affect the old. It can surely take hold early in life as well. For some, they get arthritis after breaking a bone. Others may have a genetic tendency to an early onset of arthritis. If you learn how to recognize arthritis early signs, you will be better prepared to treat it and retain full […]

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Detoxification Process and Curcumin Healing Crisis

Detoxification Process and Curcumin Healing Crisis

These days, we’re putting our body through lot of stress. The consequence of physical, emotional and mental stress is the degeneration of our health and wellness. The good news is, no matter how undesirable your overall health has become, you will be able to go back to a condition of optimal or near-optimal health. In […]

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