Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

In Malaysia, heart and lung related diseases were the primary reason behind the 25.35% fatalities in government hospitals (Health Particulars, 2010). The situation has been escalating although preventive measures and proper treatments were made available to curb this alarming trend.

The enthusiasm in curcumin, has guided researchers to an astonishing discoveries on this substance obtained from our cooking item, the turmeric. This active ingredient could have the means to battle medical conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. Inside the pathogenesis of numerous conditions, oxidative stress plays a vital role and there’s where antioxidant is required. Curcumin contains a strong antioxidant activity in comparison to Vitamins E and C (Toda et al., 1985).

Curcumin for cardiovascular diseases treatment was evident when Frey and Olson (2003) mentioned that cardiac hypertrophy is certainly an adaptive enlargement inside the myocardium (heart muscle) addressing the many stresses which would gradually result in heart failure and loss of life (Heineke and Molkentin, 2006). Driven by the review put together by Srivastava et al. (2011), they concluded that curcumin offers an anti-hypertrophic quality which may provide protection against cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure (Li et al., 2008: Morimoto et al., 2008).

Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases: Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

In myocardial infarction (heart attack) and ischemia/reperfusion, an oxidative stress might be the main outcome determinant. Due to curcumin’s antioxidant property, it has been demonstrated to prevent isoproterenol initiated myocardial necrosis in rats (Manikandan et al., 2004). Additionally, the development of harmful toxins subsequent to ischemia/reperfusion could also be managed by curcumin’s strong antioxidant activity (Srivastava et al., 2011) ideal in cardiovascular diseases treatment.

Curcumin Arterial Disease: Total Cholesterol Lowering

In 1992, Soni and Kuttan had supervised a curcumin’s influence study on serum cholesterol and lipid peroxide levels in 10 healthy volunteers. Curcumin was ingested once daily (500 mg) for 7 days and this led to a significant 33% decrease in serum lipid peroxides, a 29% boost in serum HDL cholesterol, plus a total cholesterol lowering of 12%. This finding might signify the role of curcumin in arterial diseases. In a different study, the administration of curcumin (10 mg) two times daily for four days had lowered serum LDL and elevated serum high-density lipoprotein levels in patients with cardiovascular (Ramirez et al., 2000); another evidence of curcumin potential in cardiovascular diseases treatment

Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer Treatment

A strong medication for the treatment of cancer, Doxorubicin, is a serious concern for cancer sufferers as it is being associated with cardiotoxicity (Doroshow, 1991). Curcumin treatment significantly attenuated the cardiotoxic effects of Doxorubin (Venkatesan, 1998).

As a whole, the above numerous studies have demonstrated the usefulness of curcumin for cardiovascular diseases treatment.


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