Nano-Curcumin for Gynecological Cancers Treatment

Nano-Curcumin for Gynecological Cancers Treatment

Gynecological cancers are life-threatening and have become significant concern among women. The call to search for a prevention and treatment solutions are particularly demanding as women diagnosed with these cancers are rising, each day! The three forms of Gynecological Cancers are Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Uterine Cancer.

Curcumin Anticancer Activity For Gynecological Cancers Treatment

Natural products may offer significant sources as new prospects for cancer cure. Turmeric has been utilized in Ayurvedic treatment and has been researched extensively by scientists throughout the world. An active component identified as Curcumin responsible for fighting various diseases including against cancer cell lines was found with its anticancer activity.

Curcumin for Cervical Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer or cervical carcinoma is the cancer of the cervix. Cancer may buildup from the surface epithelium of the cervix or from your epithelial lining of the cervical canal and both are invasive. Cervical cancer is regarded as the prevalent cancer particularly in developing countries and it’s often diagnosed in young women. Infection with Human Papillomaviruses (HPVs) results in the progression of this cancer.

In search for the cervical cancer treatment, researchers have reported and established the In-Vitro anticancer activity of curcumin in HPV-associated cells. The effect of curcumin in HPV-associated cells was found to involve the down-regulation of viral oncogenes. In 2010, a study in encapsulation of curcumin in alginate-chitosan-pluronic composite nano-particles against HeLa cells showed promising results. HeLa cells are Human Epithelial Cervical Cancer; the very first human cells from which a permanent cell line was established.

Curcumin for Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Ovarian cancer forms in tissues of the ovary – female reproductive glands in which the ova, or eggs are formed. Most ovarian cancers are either ovarian epithelial carcinoma – cancer that begins in the cells on the surface area of the ovary or malignant germ cell tumors – cancer that begins in egg cells.

Curcumin had remedial effects in ovarian cancer cell lines. Curcumin also had therapeutic and chemosensitization effects and reversed multidrug resistance both in vitro and In-Vivo. Co-administration of curcumin for ovarian cancer treatment and paclitaxel nano-emulsion formulation is effective at overcoming multi-drug resistance in human ovarian adenocarcinoma.

Curcumin for Uterine Cancer Treatment

Uterine Carcinosarcoma is a rare but fast-growing form of uterine cancer that consists of a mix of two types of cancer cells, an uncommon feature of this disease. Surgical procedure to remove the uterus can treat these mixed uterine tumors provided that the condition has not yet spread beyond the uterus. If the condition has spread, it usually does not respond properly to chemo and the outlook for sufferer is undesirable.

A number of research on the anticancer activity of curcumin towards uterine cancer treatment have already been documented regardless of the speculation made in which curcumin may well serve as an effective agent to be utilized in conjunction of chemotherapy for this cancer type. In 2004, it was announced that curcumin demonstrated In-Vitro apoptosis-inducing activity against an endometrial cancer cell line.

Nano-Curcumin for Gynecological Cancers Treatment

The restricting element for Curcumin to be used in Gynecological Cancers Treatment is its low bioavailability and solubility. To be effective, its bioavailability has to be improved. It also needed to be safeguarded from deterioration as a result of metabolic process. This would increase its targeting potential toward cancer cells. Therefore, curcumin with nano-sized particles would able  to deliver an active form of curcumin to tumors.

More clinical studies are needed to explain the actual potential of curcumin and its anticancer activity to fight and prevent Gynecological Cancers.


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MAKNAMajlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA is a non-profit organisation tasked to gather and harness every effort, expertise and funds to fight cancer, minimize suffering and morbidity cancer sufferers and their families have to endure. MAKNA endeavors to provide curative care, preventive care, cancer research and support services to cancer patients, their loved ones, high-risk groups and the general public. Together with ordinary Malaysians from all parts of society, MAKNA aspire to improve and offer renewed hope to people impacted by cancer.
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