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Ways to Heal Inflammation

Thirty Ways To Reduce Inflammation Fast

30 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Fast Inflammation can be caused many different factors. Scientifically speaking inflammation is a cascade of chemical reactions that happen within the body when there is damage done to cells, when there is an irritant present or when the body senses a foreign invader. What Are The Symptoms Of Acute Inflammation? […]

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Curcumin Anti-Obesity Agent

Curcumin Anti-Obesity Agent Lowers Body Fat And Reduces Weight

Lose Weight With Curcumin Anti-Obesity Agent According to World Health Organization (WHO), obesity had reached epidemic proportions worldwide. There are more than 300 million obese adults in which 42 million are children. Obesity incidence is now becoming a major health concern as it may facilitate the development of other diseases. Obesity is described as a […]

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Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

In Malaysia, heart and lung related diseases were the primary reason behind the 25.35% fatalities in government hospitals (Health Particulars, 2010). The situation has been escalating although preventive measures and proper treatments were made available to curb this alarming trend. The enthusiasm in curcumin, has guided researchers to an astonishing discoveries on this substance obtained from […]

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