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Curcumin Liver Cancer Treatment –  Inhibit Cancer Cells Growth

Curcumin Liver Cancer Treatment – Inhibit Cancer Cells Growth

Liver is an organ vital in keeping our body working properly. It operates a variety of functions which include breaking-down harmful toxins into harmless ones, our body can make use of. The main function of the liver involves controlling homeostasis of carbohydrate, lipid and amino-acid metabolism. It also functions as storage for nutrients that include […]

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Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

Curcumin Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

In Malaysia, heart and lung related diseases were the primary reason behind the 25.35% fatalities in government hospitals (Health Particulars, 2010). The situation has been escalating although preventive measures and proper treatments were made available to curb this alarming trend. The enthusiasm in curcumin, has guided researchers to an astonishing discoveries on this substance obtained from […]

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