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curcumin and radiotherapy treatment

Curcumin Enhances Radiotherapy Treatment

Going Through Radiotherapy For Breast Cancer?  Better Take Curcumin! If you are currently going through radiotherapy for breast cancer, you would be well advised to include curcumin in your daily supplement regime.  I’ll share why in a moment. First, however, a little rant.  I am frequently told by women going through breast cancer that when […]

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Turmeric Slows Down the Spread of Breast Cancer

Turmeric Slows Down the Spread of Breast Cancer

What drives the spread of Breast Cancer? Recent studies from the University of California, San Diego,  published in the British Journal,NATURE, have discovered a molecule called RANKL, found in aggressive breast cancer cells that predicts more deadly, lethal and life threatening disease.  The findings from these recent studies suggests that drugs that block RANKL may […]

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Natural cancer treatment

DHA and Curcumin for Highly Effective Natural Cancer Treatment

Research suggests combining DHA and Curcumin for a Highly Effective Natural Cancer Treatment Researchers at the Methodist Research Institute in Indiana have shown a potential new natural cancer treatment for breast cancers: curcumin combined with DHA. We have previously reported the beneficial effects of curcumin on cancer, as well as the benefits of fish oil […]

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Hematologic Cancers Treatment

Curcumin For Hematologic Cancers Treatment

Curcumin or Diferoylmethane derived from turmeric (Curcuma longa) is widely used in Ayurvedic medicinal practice. For decades Curcumin’s pharmacological properties have been widely researched and it seems to have potential in cancer treatment and inflammatory related health conditions. Researches on curcumin involving various diseases have been constantly performed and this includes hematologic cancers treatment. Hematologic […]

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