antioxidantWhat is an Antioxidant?

Antioxidant is our body defense mechanisms that safeguards us against damages triggered by toxins also known as free radicals, a product of normal oxidation process in cells. It is a molecule that is able to decelerate or prevent completely an oxidation reaction. Oxidation responses involve the change in electrons from the substance for an oxidizing agent. All living cells contain complex systems of antioxidant chemicals and enzymes to avoid chemical harm to the cells’ components by oxidation.

Smoking and exposure to pesticides, radiation, and other pollution could cause free radicals. Stress and food products tainted with mercury could also trigger free radicals. It is highly advisable to increase your body antioxidant level if you are subjected to the mentioned causes. Similarly for someone who has lack of food variety or bad eating habit.

Best Sources of Antioxidant

When toxins and antioxidant within the body is equal, it wouldn’t cause any harm. But when toxin inside the body is much more, this can be the circumstance where we desire the strengthening effect of antioxidant from exterior sources.

There are actually food sources which can be consumed on a regular basis. Vitamin A, C together with Vitamin E, beta-carotene and several other plant-based nourishment are excellent resources of antioxidant. Fruits which have sour taste are a beneficial source of Vitamin C while green vegetables and yellow-colored or orange based fresh fruits are perfect sources of Vitamin A. Beans certainly are regarded as a great source of Vitamin E.

Selecting Antioxidant Supplement

A joint research conducted by Tufts University and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed ORAC Score that signifies the antioxidant activity present in healthy meals, spices or herbs or herbal products. It has been learned that meals brimming with antioxidant activity would be the meals that help safeguard us against cardiovascular diseases, cancer, stroke and just about any disease or medical conditions.

Mixing multivitamin and antioxidant supplement are highly suggested. The explanation for it is if you’re taking multivitamin only, the antioxidant amount within the multivitamin isn’t enough. On the other hand, for antioxidant supplement, it only focuses and fulfill your antioxidant needs.

Antioxidant as Disease Prevention

With sufficient level within our body, antioxidant can help avoid diseases associated with aging, cancer, circulation system illnesses like heart disease, and degenerative diseases the likes of Dementia Parkinson, Alzheimer and much more. These illnesses nowadays are attacking not only old folks but also the middle aged bracket.


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